Friday, May 22, 2009


Thanks all for your kind words and concern. Things are getting better at the commune. We'll be spending some time this weekend fortifying our home environs. We're probably also going to meet some little guard doggies by way of German Shepard Rescue. Perhaps we'll have a new furry friend sooner than we had originally planned. There is the matter of getting the back fence repaired (stupid f*cker) before we can actually bring the guard-beast home, but it'll get done. Big strong heavy front doors for my sister are a first priority. Preferably ones that will break your f*cking foot or shoulder or whatever before it breaks. Other than that? Drinking, board games, sleeping, cleaning, all of the good stuff a long weekend usually brings. Thanks again for being so awesome. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you all on the flip side.


Brando said...

I know it's cliche to say this, but I know exactly how you feel. TLB and I lived in Old Irving Park years ago, in a nice, quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. We came home one night after the movies and found someone had broken into our back door and looted our place. Worse, I had a strong suspicion it was our upstairs neighbor, but had no way to prove it. Even though I knew it was unlikely that the thief would return again, every noise became amplified. We wound up moving because we couldn't shake that feeling.

Anyway, hope you can relax yourself this weekend.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...


One of the easiest things to deter burglars?

exterior lights.

I've read quite a bit about defensible space and crime deterrence in construction, and for an initial, cost effective alternative, nothing comes close.

Not one of those motion activated ones, though. That just freaks you out every time a squirrel activates it.

Use a daylight sensor, so it comes on at night and goes off at dawn. You can find some energy efficient lights.

My wife said "you just give the burglar light to work by" but that's not how the criminals feel about it. Any extra light makes them feel exposed and observed. Just make sure it doesn't shine in your neighbor's windows.

Next thing? A dog. whether it's vicious or not, doesn't matter.

A burglar looks at a residence with lights, and a dog, and usually decides to find an easier target. They're not looking to make their life harder, they are looking for a convenient crime.

word capch says "shnin"

I wonder why word capcha is trying to shush Trent Reznor.

Von said...

Shushing Trent Reznor!! HAHAHAHAHA.
Thanks for the advice. I know both the lights and the furry defender are in the works.