Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well, yes and no

Yes, I know that I have a sneer semi-permanently attached to my face today. What of it? No, you do not smell liquor coming out of my pores. Yes, I showered at 12:30 am. Drunken showering is a new favorite past time. No, I didn't win. Yes, I had to do a shot. I was done in by the very drinking game I invented! **At 55 minutes past every hour, the person with the highest $$ in poker chips and the person with the lowest $$ in poker chips must do a shot of tequila. Viva Cinco de Mayo! I had the highest chips at 9:55. No, I do NOT think I am still in my 20s. Yes, everyone at the poker party is very attractive. No, I did not forget that I have a very long day today, including Deutsche klasse. Yes, I do think I may fall asleep on my desk at some point today. No, you may not write on my face with permanent marker when I do. Yes, I did stop at Daily on my way home. Because it's my Cheers and all. No, I did not imbibe at Daily. Yes, we did hum or sing snippets of "Poker Face" most of the night. No, the people I play poker with do not think Lady Gaga is attractive. Yes, I do think all of the above was a good idea for a Tuesday. Nope, you may not join me next week.


Mendacious D said...

Shots? Something I don't think I've done SINCE my 30th birthday. It didn't turn out well for other people.

Also, "Klasse." Being a noun, it is capitalized. As I recall, my German prof was particular on the subject. He was fond of the term "Fällt" well before FAIL and other such things became popular on these new internets.

Von said...

MenD - You are correct!! My hangover prevented me from proper capitalization. Danke!