Friday, May 15, 2009

For the Love of Zombie Rotten McDonald

Deir Peeples,
Helllllo!! Mah name is Zoe, and I am the Zombie that lives on Von's desk. Heir is a pitcure of me:
Cuse me, got distracted.
I want to tel you that I lovz some tings a lot. I lovz:
KO - she maide me in her houze frum some yarn. I will NOT eat her brainz.
Von - she letss me liv on her desk and givs me friends and ztuff. I will prolly NOT eat her brainz eiver.
FOr essample:
I lovz the muvie "Night of the Living Dead". That Gore Romero got us down pat!
I also lovz the book "World War Z". Ok, Maxs Brooks, I may have to eat your brainz beecase you think you humans wins! Mwwwwahhh......
Damm! Sorry got discotracted again!
I wuuld be re-mis if I forgot "The Re-animator". Lovz Stuart Gordon!
Becuzz of Von, I has to like much musik. Of curse, I lovz The Zombies! C'mon "She's not there" and "Time of the Season"?!? I woold be very very hugree before I ate thoze brainz.
Lovz a looot that Rob Zombie. Nut onlee is he a qualitee film macker, he alzo rote a song about me. Yuu may have heared of it? "Living Dead Girl"? Besst song ever!! Pluzz he is drrrrty.
Buut I diegress.
I am really heare to tellz you how much Von and I lovz Zombie Rotten McDonald! (alzo over der in the blog roll. Ther, stoopid, to your rite)
Von waz veri nervice when she started this bllogg. She thaught no one would readz it but then ZRM waz veri nise and mite have read it sometimez and made nise commentz that made her feelz much better. He didn't even knoe her at all then!
Then, thiz one time when Von waz saad about her dog, ZRM sent her some musik CDs and then she was not sad animore. Just out of the bloo! Like a nize persen would do! AND the musik CDs were very very good!
ZRM has veri fantastix tastes in musik!! Like no one elze!!
ZRM rites very good blogg postz that are funny and make sense and are good to read. They make me a smarterz zombie.
ZRM is nice and a frequent commentater over heier witch makez Von happi and that is ok with me. They are lik frendz and may even meat somedai!
SO pleeze, if you valuu your brainz, go visit Zombie Rotten McDonald and show him some lovz.
Okey, got to go eat something ***brainz****
Thaankkk you for your tym.
We Love Zombie Rotten McDonald


Jennifer said...

Lovely Zoe! I suspect you'll have love-deprived zombies showing up at your door in waves now that they've seen how kind Von is to the brain-challenged!

FYI- I nearly added "Time of the Season" and "She's Not There", but I couldn't choose. It just seemed wrong!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jennifer says I DON'T make sense.

Seriously, could you guys coordinate a little bit?


I've got zombies on my windowsill...

fish said...

You have a zombie on your desk that promises not to kill you. How awesome is that. All I have is paperwork that is going to kill me.

Von said...

The zombie eats the paperwork at night after I go home. It's a great system.

Lauren said...

And here I was, all proud of having Jesse Custer guard my desk...

Jennifer said...

Seriously, could you guys coordinate a little bit?

Those laser beams you feel are friendly, luv-sharing beams... just sayin'.