Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kinda nice to hear something nice.....

I received two very nice letters (ok, emails, but still) on the same day.

A little back story - I take great pride in my work. Whether I am at day job (working for the man) or night job (working for musicians), I always try my best. You see, I consider myself incredibly lucky to have not one but two jobs that I LOVE. 

Ok - here you go.
Letter #1 back story:
At my last day job (that I had for 10 years, and left 5 years ago), there was a dude who was a "fixer" he pretty much came in to companies and fixed all of the things that he could.  He was intense.  Like a tornado.  Whenever he came to our office, I'd be exhausted for days after he left.  But I admired him, and he taught me many many things that I keep in mind to this day.  About how to be a professional, how to earn respect and security, how to be a "fixer".  SO
I sent him an email on linkedin the other day and let him know he made a real impression on me, and that I appreciate all that I learned from him.
He wrote me back super quick, and here's a snippet:
Thank you for your note.  Sometimes in life you never realize that you make a difference.  I am grateful to you for pointing this out.
I am pleased to hear you are doing so well.  However, I always knew with your brains, heart and tenacity that you would go far.

Um, squee!!! Huge compliment.  I was very young and not always professional there, but I worked my butt off, and someone very important saw that!

I didn't think the day could get much better, then I got
Letter#2 back story:
Friday night I worked a show. This is not news, I work a lot of shows.  This show was Graham Parker (OMG!!!), with Gretchen Peters as the opener.  OMG part two.  Gretchen happened to write one of the most important songs to me, "Independence Day", and she also let Sarah Palin know she could not use her song ever ever ever.
Anyway.  I got all nervous on my drive to work that night.  Asking myself 'Should I tell her? Should I just say thanks?'  All the while getting more nervous to meet her.
So, of course, the producer asked me to keep an eye out for Gretchen and her husband and take them down to the dressing room.
Gretchen shows up all lovely and awesome, with her husband - also lovely and awesome.  I grab her hand in both of mine.
Kinda said it loudly, but more just word vomited it.
Then I took her husband's hand in both of mine (you know, like, I do this ALL THE TIME) and said so nice to meet you.
Two days later, got an email forwarded from my boss:
To A, T, R, D, Von and all the gang,
......Thanks to your kind hospitality, we had a really great night
From Barry and Gretchen.

Um, double squee!! Not only did I not scare them off with my over eager ness, but I did good work.

I have printed both of these emails out, and plan to keep them around me.  When I get down on myself, I'll just pull them out and remember that other people think I don't suck, so I shouldn't either.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Graham Parker is awesome. He is on the same label as Jon Langford, you know.

Was he solo or with a band?

Michael said...

I wondered what all that "squee"-ing was.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The world needs more squee.

Way to go, Von!

Jennifer said...

Kinda said it loudly, but more just word vomited it.


I can't really imagine Von squeeing... but I can appreciate the emotion.

Von said...

Z - I did not know that! He was with Bob Andrews of the Rumour. Both incredibly nice guys.
Michael and Thunda - yep and thanks!
J - I don't squee very often, but when I do....

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

When GP tours with a band, he often taps the Figgs, one of my favorite bands ever to see live.

Bloodshot records has a GP live album with the Figgs backing him up, called something like 102 Degrees In June, it's well worth checking out.