Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear People that threw Charlie away 8 years ago,
Thank you. Thank you for giving him up, whatever your reasons were. I forgive you for messing up his teeth, we didn't mind getting them cleaned every year. I wonder what you did that made him never want to play, but I will forgive you that too. Had you not tossed him out, he would have never found his way to us. I think you tossed away the best dog you never got the chance to know - I feel a little sorry for you. Let me tell you what you missed.
You missed not just a good dog, but a great dog. You missed the little hero, who, when I fell down some stairs stood by my side and barked until my brother-in-law came to see what the problem was. You missed the silly little "circus dog" who made a game out of running around my little apartment and jumping onto the couch and over the back of it. You missed my friend who danced on his back legs around the Christmas tree, looking for that one candy cane that I might have hung just low enough for him to grab.
You missed the little alarm clock, who didn't care how much I had to drink the night before, if it was a weekend, he was barking at me either from the doorway or from inches from my face right around 8 am, without fail.
You missed the winter cuddler, who would patiently wait for me to sit with my legs tucked just so, so he could jump up and curl right into the nook he thought I made just for him. You also missed the comedian who made my sister and I cry with laughter when we tried to get him to wear "snow booties". You missed the life of every party. We had to almost physically check many of our guests to make sure they weren't walking away with a beagle parting gift.
You missed the magic dog who seemed to grow in height and weight whenever he deigned to sleep up on the bed with me. I swear, he became as big as a St. Bernard sometimes.....
You missed the furriest best kleenex, if anyone was crying, Charlie would go to that person and sit right up next to them 'here', he seemed to say 'use my scruff for a cuddle and a sniffle, that's what I'm here for.' You missed the dog who couldn't hate the dog beach more. He wrapped his entire body around my legs when we got him about 6 inches into the lake - I didn't know a dog could bend like that.
Thank you, so much, for my best friend, my constant companion.
(Ok, now. I got that off my chest. I'm going to take the rest of the week off. I'll be back next week, and I hope to be back to my old bitchy self. Thank you all so much for your kindnesses. Sil1x, thank you for the chocolate and ice cream - Americone! - and for letting me cry on your living room furniture. You and the little one cheered me up more than you can know. Shannon and TheMarty, thank you in advance for the dinner/drinks coming up. I hope to be ready to go out Thursday night, and I'm glad it's with you. All of my friends, old and new, internets and otherwise, thank you all so much for your support - Your reaching out via phone/email/text has made me feel better. I know Charlie loved you all too.)


Mendacious D said...

Very touching, Von.

I keep thinking of him sniffing around your kitchen while I was cooking. And taking over the couch. And just being a bouncy bundle of joy all the time.

I'll miss him.

Von said...

Thanks MenD.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

He was the best dog evah. The world will always hold an empty space for him in our hearts and souls.

Kathleen said...

I'm so, so sorry, Von.

Von said...

Again, thanks all.

Shannon Erin said...

Ee gadz, now I'm crying again. This was a beautiful tribute to Charlie.

Jennifer said...

Very nice, and boy could I relate to the magic dog who seemed to grow in height and weight whenever he deigned to sleep up on the bed with me.

Again, I'm so sorry. Be kind to yourself.