Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A quick follow up

Thanks, all of you, for the support. (I seem to keep thanking you all, for many things, but you all are awesome) A quick follow up: Ok, sure I am still charmingly chubby, but I'm cool with it. I have enough self-confidence for me, and for all of them. I have no pimples. I am no longer dishwater blonde, but expensively and expertly Blonde. I AM Irish enough. Not only do I immerse myself in all things Irish, but I also play and sing Irish music, and well. Tin whistle? Check. Bodhran? Check. - I doubt they even know what a bodhran is, or how to pronounce it. It took me a while, I'm embarrassed to admit, but my parents neighborhood is beautiful. Not only is their house gorgeous and huge, but their neighborhood is awesome and close knit. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. Keep your Sauganash and your Lincolnwood - Forest Glen suits me just fine. And Lauren had a great point. My trip to Boston was fantastic. There's nothing I would rather have been doing that weekend. My new Boston friends are genuine, and awesome, and good people. They make me laugh. Even though I have known them a short time, I hope to be friends with them and the people that introduced me to them for many years to come. Hm. I think I am starting to feel better about this......

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