Friday, November 21, 2008

A happy dose of awesome

So, I was going to just grumble about how tired I am. See, I had to go to this thing that I didn't want to go to, from which I didn't get home until 11:30ish. After which I woke up this morning with 7 minutes - 7 minutes - to get up, dressed, teeth brushed, out the door to go to work. However. Two awesome things happened yesterday. Maybe three. First: At the thing I didn't want to go to, there was a silent auction. I zeroed in on this Lincoln Square print. I had seen this print all over the place over the summer, but I just didn't buy it. I regretted not getting it, and when I went looking for it, of course, it was gone. Sigh. Well, there it was last night, up for auction, in a package with two bottles of wine (nice), two darling wine glasses, an embroidered Lincoln Square tote, and a tie with all of the Chicago neighborhoods all over it. I said to myself: "Self. I WANT THAT". So I bid. And bid. And was forced to bid again. AND I WON. Sure, is it all really worth $160? Dunno. Do I really have $160? Not really. But the print all all of the goodies are Mine, m i n e, MINE!! And, I am trading sister the tie for the sonicare toothbrush she won as part of an auction item. Sweet!! Second: I got home all cold and tired and excited with my winnings, when what to my wandering eyes should appear in my mail? Ok, yes, bills. But also......(this is a drumroll.....) an envelope from BillyRottenPilgrimMcDonald!!!! Oooooh. I opened it, and there are not one, but TWO CDs!!! And, as I recall, BPRM gifts music to those he likes. He likes me! He really likes me!!! I cannot wait to listen to them! For all of the things I forgot this morning, like my lunch, my water bottle, my phone charger- remember, 7 minutes from bed to car - I remembered to bring the CDs!! I am about to give them a listen! I already know two important things that make these CDs like gold a) The man has awesome/fantastic/extensive musical tastes and b) we have very similar taste in music. This is going to r o c k. Kinda third: I'm not going to lie. I did enjoy people telling me I looked nice yesterday. I wore a black dress, black tights, black shoes, awesome black and white headband and silver jewelry. Those that matter most (sister, sil1x) told me I looked nice, among others, and more said it more than once. I will admit part of the reason I looked nicer was I wanted the germans to know what they are missing out on, and that I could have represented them well, professionally and with style. Too bad for them, so sad. I might be a little inspired to dress/look a little classier in 09. Not sure how committed to that I am, we'll see. But it was nice to get compliments. A little bit of snark: I will admit to one snarky/bitchy moment last night. When one of the newly elected board members asked me if I will be attending the Bach concert this Sunday at the place that finds me unworthy, I said "No, I'm working a show at Old Town. They remain my first volunteering priority." and under my breath "they like me there". It may have been a little to soon for me to be there, I think. Ok, must go listen to the CDs. Have a lovely weekend. I hope it is warmer wherever you are. *Chicago current temperature? 18 degrees*

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