Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quirky? Bleh.

I am not quirky. I know of a few folks who think, nay, pride themselves on being "quirky". I think they define themselves by going against the grain. What grain? Who's grain? What are you against exactly? They shop at thrift stores. I'm sorry you're broke - stop drinking so much, you could at least buy one or two items at, say, Target for the $$ you spend on booze. They decorate weird. Ikea - ever heard of it? Beats the hell out of old garbage picked milk cartons. They look down upon those who either a) aren't quirky like them or b) don't put them on a pedestal for being so gosh darn quirky. Get over yourselves. You know, they think they are unique. Let me fill you in on something, when all of their friends, and a lot of the people they associate with look Just.Like.Them, show me what is so unique about that. To each their own I guess, but they annoy me. Me? I'm just me. A little of this, a smidge of that. A dash of that other over there. Never the same way too much of the time. I'm a diamond - too many facets to count. But a regular, plain old diamond. Who'd buy a quirky diamond anyway?


Poptart said...

Who are these people? Now I'm scared for you to see my apartment - I am the thrift queen!

You are a diamond though.

Shannon Erin said...

This is eerily close to a certain something.

Von said...

Pop - I don't name names. There's a big BIG difference between cute awesome thrift, and thrift to thrift because it's "cool"
Shannon - I don't know what you're talking about, but I doubt we are on the same page. Maybe I speak in generalities.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

You are not quirky. Awesome, sexy, great listener, smart, outgoing, interesting, on and on and on... But quirky? Nah. AG is a bit quirky, especially when she has a Starbucks coffee name since they insist in putting a name on the damn cup. But Vonnie?!! No wayz.

Now let me get Anastasia's chai.